Mortgage Lenders

The choice of what company and loan officer you will use for your mortgage loan is a critical part of your real estate transaction.  Just as important as getting the best interest rate available, is the company you choose and the loan officer who will take your application and follow it through to completion.  You need a company who is competitive and secure, and has streamlined, dependable processes and procedures that will ensure the easiest and quickest route to a successful closing.  Your loan officer needs to know his or her business well enough to get the best kind of loan for your individual financial situation, and can stay on top of all the requirements and processes as necessary, all the while staying in constant communication with you and your Realtor.

The choice of what company and loan officer is yours, and we strongly recommend that whoever you choose has a personal recommendation from someone who has had past experience with them.  For your convenience, we have listed here information on a couple of mortgage lenders with whom past clients have been pleased.  You can click through to their websites and access mortgage calculators and more.

Andrew Evans, Franklin American Mortgage

Randy Shamburger, Movement Mortgage